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Nesan Triko, founded 1991 in Istanbul by Neriman Akgun, is a globally operating men and women knitwear company offering a broad range of fashion and accessories. Our collections cater for every occasion, appeal to the most varied target groups, and satisfy the most exacting demands.

A professional and dedicated management, supported by close to 200 qualified staff in our group in Istanbul, ensures that the excellent quality of our products and the high level of service we offer to all our customers is being maintained and improved where necessary. Our vision is to satisfy our customers by supplying individual products of high quality at affordable prices, locally and worldwide.

This dedication and drive have turned our company into a force to be reckoned with in the world of suppliers

NESAN, is working mainly with carefully selected upscale retail accounts as well as successful franchise stores

We intend to strengthen our presence in existing markets as well as to seize new opportunities and expand our business worldwide. Until the year 2008, we plan to have established a strong presence in our main target markets for expansion, which is Europe esp. UK. Ultimately, within the next five years we are aiming for our newborn brand to be found among the most successful global mens and womenswear labels

NESAN offers a quality conscious production and therefore enable international companies to benefit from our expertise and experience in the Turkish knitwear industry, which after China is the second biggest supplier of apparel to Europe.

Vision - Mission

Since its very first years, the vision of NESAN has been to transcend the borders of Turkey, create global customer portfolios, and obtain a remarkable position in the international knitwear producers level. Export has become a vision on this route and our products are achieved by vanguard and leading brands directing fashion world. For achieving this target, we focused on adopting the same object as all team, forming the most effective substructure, investing in human resources, and determining correct marketing strategies.

On the other hand, the mission of NESAN is to introduce the most trendy and highest quality valuable products to his local and international customers at best prices with best service and quality.

Growth Strategies

NESAN Group's production excellence works in harmony with its disciplined business approach. The mission of the company can be summarized as; to transcend the boundaries of Turkey and gain important place on the international suppliers platform. In order for us to accomplish this task, we will apply different strategies in different local markets worldwide, working either with agencies and showrooms for the retail market, or directly with our marketing team.

We have a flexible integrated business model, which encompasses our own production, wholesale and retail. While staying true to our luxury lifestyle sensibilities and executing our global vision, we will seek to expand the NESAN Group into new markets, and countries. The key elements of our strategy are to

Continue to build the production facilities

Our integrated approach to updated machinery and new production technology uniquely displays the world of NESAN Group. Our in house and subcontractor production facilities continue to be an important physical extension to our company. Moreover, our success with domestic market has given us the confidence to apply our expertise to international fields.

Expand international presence

Our approach to each world region is specific to its business climate and structure, while our common goal is to broaden our reach through increasing customer range. Our strong, flexible infrastructure allows us to capitalize on opportunities and grow our businesses around the world.

Some facts about what we do

Production Capacity :150.000 pcs / month

Export Countries: WORLDWIDE

Yarn Quality: Local and import yarns are used from Italy such as Folco, Suprafil, Filosopy, Sisa, Filpucci, Raumer, Olimpias Filma, Zegna Baruffa, Millefil, Ecafil, etc...
Wool, wool mixes, cotton, cotton mixes, cashmere mixes, viscose, viscose mixes, yarns with lycra, yarns with elite, lambswool, Shetland, and fancy yarns


3gg 10
5gg 10
7gg 8
12gg 20
14gg 10 in hause
16gg 10

Knitting Techniques :
Jacquards, ajour – pointelle, intarsia, fully-fashion, cardigan stitch, various ribs, stripes

Confection: 60 % of production inside; the rest at subcontractors most of which work exclusively with us.

Specialties:Ladies, men knitwear; prints, embroderies, different washes, handmade accessories , garment dye ,acid washes etc…

Washing : Inhouse 4.000 pcs / day (silicon, rubberballwash)

Quality Control: 100 % done inhouse

Ironing: 100 % done inhouse

Sampling: Inhouse quick sampling service

Delivery Terms: Normally it takes 5- 8 weeks depending on the yarn delivery and our monthly production schedule. 4 - 5 weeks for repeat orders and flash programs with domestic yarns.

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